Accidents - A Horror Story

Accidents - A Tremble Town Episode
by Garth Perry and Stoney M. Setzer
Published by Tule Fog Press

A friend of mine, Stoney Setzer, and I have been collaborating on a supernatural suspense story (okay, it's horror, but not gory!) and it's now available from Amazon for 99 cents. (More platforms to follow in the next few weeks.)

It's a stand-alone novella of about 13,000 words (45 pages) and features an episode from "Tremble Town," a small Appalachian community that harbors a deep - and evil - secret. Here's the blurb and cover art.

Newlyweds Hazel and Elwood Dell drove their new '57 Chevy into the small community of Ichabod, North Carolina. They should have just turned around and left. They had no idea what dark secrets they'd soon stumble upon - bargains with the devil that would trap them in a place even the residents called Tremble Town. For the Dells, their new home simply became a lifelong nightmare...of ACCIDENTS.